Medium-sized companies and global players hand in hand

Stormarn, with its heterogeneous economic structure, is home to a wide variety of industries. Not only medium-sized companies, but also global players operate from here.

However, most companies based in Stormarn are SMEs – a major plus, since their advantage lies in the speed and flexibility with which they can react to structural and economic market changes. At the same time, with their broad range of expertise, they are valuable suppliers to large companies in the fields of research and technology.

Location and Map

Stormarn: Well Positioned for Economic Success

Stormarn’s unique location is a primary contributing factor to the region’s economic success. The outstanding east–west and north–south highway connections as well as the proximity to Hamburg and Lübeck’s ports and airports offer an invaluable advantage: they stand for mobility of individuals and goods, openness, and internationality.

Not only the significant economic interconnectedness with the Scandinavian region as well as with Central and South America, but also the opening up of countries in Eastern Europe has created new opportunities and possibilities. Global sourcing is the future of international economic ties: the global search for the most cost-effective procurement of product components, which is of key importance for many industry sectors. The growing global demand for inexpensive raw materials and manufactured goods has become increasingly important for the economy and labor markets at relevant harbor locations in recent years.

This is why investing in a strong location like Stormarn means more long-term growth and sustainability.