WAS services

As a business development company, we specialise in the planning, development and marketing of commercial settlements. This means that we advice and assist local companies when they plan to expand and change their business. We also support investors from the search for a location to the implementation of their project ideas, by offering guidance in administrative and institutional matters. Business successors can also rely on our advice and support. Our tasks range from project development to land recycling.

Project development

WAS project development comprises all planning steps necessary to implement mostly larger projects, including finding the location that meets the requirements of the planned project, clarifying ownership claims, financial planning, calculating profitability and examining the applicable building law as well as market situation. We also calculate the risk for all parties involved and search for investors.

Land recycling

Like any other recyclable product, unused areas, such as sites that have been inoperative for years, are reintegrated into the economic cycle in order to make them usable again. This applies above all to abandoned industrial sites and business parks with contaminated sites: here we ensure that buildings are dismantled, contaminated sites disposed of, soil decontaminated, legal issues clarified, investors found and development plans drawn up.