A strong team for a strong future

Everything we set out to do, we do with dedication and complete conviction – because your success is the ultimate reward for our day-to-day work!

Managing Director

Detlev Hinselmann

Phone: +49 4531 1272-0

E-Mail: hinselmann@was-stormarn.de

Assistant to Managing Director

Birgit Moritz-Russnak

Phone: +49 4531 1272-11

E-Mail: moritz-russnak@was-stormarn.de

Authorised Signatory / Project Manager
Marketing of commercial space, project developments

Georg Frank

Phone: +49 4531 1272-15

E-Mail: frank@was-stormarn.de

Project Manager
Marketing of commercial space, finances

Andreas Marx

Phone: +49 4531 1272-14

E-Mail: marx@was-stormarn.de


Sabine Arriens

Phone: +49 4531 1272-0

E-Mail: arriens@was-stormarn.de


Yvonne Linke

Phone: +49 4531 1272-0

E-Mail: linke@was-stormarn.de

Working student

Laura Schoke

Tel.: +49 4531 1272-12

E-Mail: schoke@was-stormarn.de