Choice of Stormarn

Locational advantages in Reinbek – Haidland business park

Reinbek – castle town between Hamburg and the Sachsenwald
Stormarn’s second largest town with almost 28,000 inhabitants is considered privileged in every respect: modern infrastructure, a townscape with castle and villas, a varied landscape with forest, meadows and the Billetal nature reserve all contribute to the high standard of living. Golf courses and courtyards for horse riding in the nearby proximity as well as various sports- and cultural programs offer recreational activities.

Attractive business location
With a direct connection to the A 24 Hamburg-Berlin and directly via the K 80 to the A1, the new Haidland business park in the Stormarn district has an excellent location with numerous good connections to the regional and national transport network and to Hamburg with its international airport and seaport. Reinbek is integrated into the Hamburg telephone network with the telephone code 040. Fees and contributions for utilities and waste disposal are reasonable compared with the rest of the country. A workforce with a wide range of qualifications are available. The almost 2,600 businesses (2018) in Reinbek are characterised by a diverse trade- and size-structure. Well-known companies such as Amandus Kahl (plant engineering) Allergopharma und Almirall Hermal (pharma), Grossmann-Wernsing (gourmet food), Hansa Mineralbrunnen (mineral water), Lutz Aufzüge (systems- and installation engineering), E. Michaelis & Co. (paper trade, packaging), Peek&Cloppenburg (clothing), Wollenhaupt (tee trade) and many others successfully run their businesses from here. The hospital of Reinbek St. Adolf-Stift also represents to be a big employer. The Reinbek business development as a central service point supports prospective settlement clients, Start-ups and local companies.

Excellent transport connections:

Motorways A 1, A 24, A 21, A 20:
A 1: Skandinavien – Puttgarden – Lübeck – Hamburg – Rhein/Ruhr
A 24:  Hamburg – Berlin
A 21 / B 404: Kiel – Schwarzenbek – Geesthacht – Lüneburg (A39)
A 20: Rostock – Stettin

Suburban railway / Hamburger Verkehrsverbund:  25 minutes to Hamburg Main Station


Ferries and ports 
Hamburg: international destinations
Lübeck: ferries to Sweden and Finland
Kiel: ferries to Sweden, Norway and the Baltics
Puttgarden: ferries to Denmark, Rostock/Saßnitz

Commercial estate in numbers

Area designation GE
Land parcelling as needed Yes
Available from on request
Purchase price (fully developed) on request
Business tax rate 390%
Site occupancy index 0.6*
Floor space index 2.0*
Building height 12.0, 14.0 and / or 18.0 m, respectively

 * Special features: overshoots are possible in exceptional cases

For more information, please contact:

Wirtschafts- und Aufbaugesellschaft Stormarn mbH
Phone: +49 4531 1272-0