Choice of Stormarn

Locational advantages in Lütjensee – business park on the B 404

Lütjensee – Stormarn’s Switzerland
Lütjensee with its approximately 3,450 inhabitants is situated in a charming landscape in the heart of Stormarn’s Switzerland, yet close to the city limits of Hamburg. Due to its location on the lake of the same name, the forests of Bergen and Hainholz and the Kranika nature reserve, the municipality is an exclusive place to live and a popular destination for recreational pursuits.

Attractive business location
Formerly an agricultural area, Lütjen Lake has developed into a town characterised by a medium-sized craft and service industry. The good transport connections to Hamburg, Lübeck and the Baltic Sea further increase the high residential value of the community. The B 404 / A 21 is the connection between the A1 Hamburg / Lübeck and the A 24 Hamburg/Berlin and runs in the immediate vicinity. With a direct connection to the B 404 / A 21, the Ripsbekkoppel (B-Plan No. 17) business park covers an area of about 2.29 hectares and is excellently situated with numerous good connections to the regional and national transport network. Thanks to the excellent location, it boasts strong economic ties with Hamburg.

Excellent transport connections:

Motorways A 1, A 20, A 21, A 24:
A 1: Puttgarden – Lübeck, Hamburg, on to Berlin (A 24)
A 20: Rostock, Szczecin
A 21 / B 404: Kiel – Schwarzenbek – Lüneburg

Connection Hamburg – Lübeck


Ferries and ports
Lübeck: ferries to Sweden and Finland
Kiel: ferries to Sweden, Norway and the Baltics
Puttgarden: ferries to Denmark, Rostock/Saßnitz

Commercial estate in numbers

Area designation GE
Land parcelling as needed Yes
Available from immediately
Purchase price (fully developed) on request
Business tax rate 360%
Site occupancy index 0.6*
Floor space index /
Building height 9.0 max, flat roof 6.0m*

 * Special features: overshoots are possible in exceptional cases

For more information, please contact:

Wirtschafts- und Aufbaugesellschaft Stormarn mbH
Telephone: +49 4531 1272-0