Choice of Stormarn

Locational advantages in Barsbüttel – businessparks on the A 1 motorway

Area code „040“ and short distances to the Metropolitan region of Hamburg

Barsbüttel – as Suburbia – is part of the attractive Subspace of the Metropolitain region with perfect life- and working conditions. Companies and People benefit from ideal surroundings. Short distances, ideal transport connections to Hamburg and the area code „040“ make Barsbüttel to be interesting in terms of economic demands. The new site developments of round about 27 acres realign the boundaries with existent commercial real estate of round about 316 acres to a total of about 345 acres.

Attractive business location

The new commercial real estate of Barsbüttel (B-Plan 1.54) in the district of Stormarn shows an excellent position proximate to the city boundaries of Hamburg and is to be found in striking distance to the A1 motorway. The district town Bad Oldesloe is located short distance, just as Lübeck. All this makes the expanded commercial real estate of Barsbüttel stand out – a prime quality site with top grade position.

For more information, please contact:

Contact person/further information:
Andreas Marx

Wirtschafts- und Aufbaugesellschaft Stormarn mbH
Tel.: +49 4531 1272-14

Commercial estate in numbers


Area designation GE
Land parcelling as needed Yes
Available from spring 2021
Purchase price (fully developed) on request
Business tax rate 400 %
Site occupancy index 0.8*
Floor space index K.A.
Building height 14.0 / 16.0  m*

* Special features: overshoots are possible in exceptional cases

Excellent transport connections:


Motorways A 1, A 24, A 21, A 20:
A 1: Skandinavien – Puttgarden – Lübeck – Hamburg – Rhein/Ruhrgebiet
A 24: Hamburg – Berlin
A 21 / B 404: Kiel – Schwarzenbek – Geesthacht – Lüneburg (A39)
A 20: Lübeck – Rostock – Stettin

Public transport
Ideal transit busses to townships nearby as Willinghusen, Stemwade, Stellau
and Stapelfeld. Furthermore there is a connection to Hamburg-Großenlohe, starting from Stapelfeld.


Ferries and ports
Hamburg: International destinations
Lübeck: Ferries to Sweden and Finnland
Kiel: Ferries to Sweden, Norway and to the Baltic states
Puttgarden: Ferries to Denmark, Rostock / Saßnitz